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Our professional team has been organising power sport competitions and events since 1999. We started with Strongman events and a few years later, we updated our portfolio with Mas-Wrestling and Highland Games.


We are specialised in Strongman, Mas-Wrestling and Highland Games sport events and championships and we also have experiences in organising disabled strongman events.

We have organised international and European championships, World championships, qualification contests, talent searches, campaigns, shows etc.

One of our main events was the Strongman final at the Arnold Classic Europe in 2014, 2015.


We offer professional high-quality power sports event services, including planning, tailoring, organising, internationally for you to advertise your company, venue, brand or products. Our athletes can compete all around the year indoors and outdoors in water, on sand, on pavement, on grass, on snow etc. These guys are able to pull an aircraft, different kinds of trucks and almost any other vehicles with their bare hands, they are able to carry hundreds of kilos in different shapes and forms, such as throwing a beer barrel a few meters high and holding two cars at the same time for minutes, as well as many more „unbelievable” and entertaining stunts. It is easy to make the equipment, even locally, which will reduce costs.


Strongman sport has a long history, which dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. It has its own specified category in strength sports. Its popularity attracts plenty of spectators every time at each contest all around the world.
The athletes have to be strong, quick and have to have extremely good stamina at these contests in 8 different events, such as pulling, throwing, carrying, lifting etc.


It is a Yakut ethno sport picked up from the Vikings, and it is governed by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation nowadays.

It is a two-men/women-sport, and it does not require much space and special equipment. The fact that the games are fast and that not so many special rules are involved make them enjoyable, exciting and easy to understand for everybody.

Highland Games

Highland Games has also a long well-known history from the Scottish Highlands and Celtic culture. Events include a stone put, Scottish hammer throw, caber toss weight over the bar, just to mention a few of them. At modern Highland Games events, a wide variety of other activities are generally available.


Anybody who wants to hit the „wow factor” with the event!

If you want to advertise your company, venue, brand or products, services the way you have never done before or just want to do something unusual you are at the right place.
We can tailor our show to your needs or even recommend the best way how to do so. Even if you are a start-up, it could be a great kick start to advertise your new business or launch your new product, even if it is related to computing, cryptocurrency or something totally different.
We have worked with numerous companies from different fields in many countries and different cultures, so you can challenge us.

Scitec European Strongest Team Challange
Internatial Highland Game Federation


Please take a look at the examples and possibilities below and please contact us for further information via email.

If you are a construction company and want to advertise your business, there are countless options to do a show. It depends on your preference, but these guys can pull a truck (with your company logo on the sides, front and back of the vehicle) with their bare hands to a certain distance. They can carry, hold, throw different types of rocks, tools, instruments.

If you are a car manufacturer or a wholesaler for a brand, our athletes can lift your car up (or do a deadlift) with a special frame so the cars will not be damaged. You can put your company logos, slogan on the side of the cars or wherever you would prefer to do so. They can also hold two of your cars on a special ramp standing between them.

If you produce cosmetics, for instance, you can use your models to fit a car, lorry, truck or almost any vehicle with your logos that our athletes can lift and pull. Or seat few of your models in a special chair and lift them up or carry them to certain distances. But if you do not have any models, we can help you to find the best ones through our well established and trustful network.

If you are a factory which produces raw material or any finished product, we can use them as weights and they will be able to lift, pull, throw, carry, to shred it etc.

If you are a hotel resort, we can organize a competition or a show on your beach or car park or wherever you would prefer to attract families, kids and other individuals to watch the show.

If you are a government or Ministry of Sport, Tourism, Youth etc., we can also record a short movie about the highlights of your country or certain tourist areas that you would prefer to show to visit and do the show or competition where they can even pull a 40T aircraft.

We are also able to do and tailor most of the things mentioned above to fit in the profile of Highland Games.

Where and how can we advertise you during the show?

Our athletes would be able to wear T-shirts, shorts, socks, belts, wrist, knee or elbow bands with your company logo, company name etc. Most of the equipment that we use can be fixed with your brand name and/or logo. There are also options to use banners, posters, flags, tents, models, flyers and any other merchandising tools.

We can organise the contest/show at your preferred location, we can also advise you or help you to choose the best location for your show.


Our professional team has been organising power sport competitions and events since 1999. We started with Strongman events and, a few years later, we updated our portfolio with Mas-Wrestling and Highland Games. Our international experiences and network makes things easier to work with local athletes and sport officials so many times which could help to reduce your costs and move things forward much faster.


Adam Darazs

Adam Darazs is the first man in history who has lifted a 228kg Atlas stone and is a 5 times Strongest man champion in Central Europe.

Szabolcs Ozor (Ozy)

Two times disabled world champion.

Janos Bolvari

Janos Bolvari, the creator of
Strongman Projects.

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